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About Us

Every learner is unique and we bring that uniqueness out

AI Probably, India's unconventional E-learning platform for learning industry-relevant technical skills with cognitive Gamified and Visual learning approaches allows you to empower yourself with the confidence to get closer to your dream careers with our hands-on exercises, interview preparations, and end-to-end capstone projects designed and taught by skilled industry veterans.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make education available to all with the latest skill based curriculums that are practical and match industry relevant skills, ultimately boosting learners' skills growth and advancing their professional and educational portfolios.

Our Mission

Entrusting individuals to join the industry as world-class leaders, with utmost skills and knowledge backing them.

Why AI Probably ?

The industry is dynamic, which further demands individuals to lead with the utmost skills and latest technical knowledge. Therefore, our founders decided to give society what it needs - an EdTech where education is available to all without any hindrance assuring them a steady and healthy future. We believe in leaving an immense impact on the career choices of professionals by exploring new ways to give the industry a world-class workforce.