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Build your DREAM TEAM For Absolutely No Charge Today

Want the perfect candidate for your company? We have got you covered! We produce industry ready candidates for all domains, but how?

Ensuring that every learner goes through extensive training on developing real world software projects, AI Probably is available to facilitate learners in learning job-ready tech abilities. Learners who have completed our ground-breaking project-based curriculum are ready to assist your firm in achieving its most important objectives.

Hiring Process

Step 1 -

Candidate Discovery: Select from a curated list of developer profiles segregated based on Performance and Key skills

  • 1. Our learner’s don’t just get access to our curriculums, they get real-time experience honing their skills with the latest industry developments.
  • 2. Regular project-based courses made with thoroughly researched industry relevant skills result in outstanding project solving skills in our learners.
  • 3. Necessary and updated skills to match the evolving technical industry.
  • 4. Our project-based curriculum presents learners to a multitude of output scenarios, honing their problem-solving abilities in the real world.

HIRE Learners For the Skills You Demand

Data Science and Machine Learning

AI Probably learners learn Data Science and comprehensive algorithms implemented through 35+ diverse real-world projects in Data Science with various guided and constructively built curriculums to learn about new technologies and topics.

Full Stack (MERN)

Our learners get an all-inclusive curriculum that covers all the technologies needed for cracking multiple industry based capstone projects. They learn and implement authentication and authorization of web applications and more through these extensively made curriculums.

Data Science

Our group of Data Science experts teach the learners to ensure their portfolios get all the required skills needed to suit your company’s aims and demands. Extensive training videos and industry relevant projects increase their chances of getting placed highly in the industry. Having said that, the tools and technologies we cover are assured to meet your company’s demands and goals.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Our learners have been trained extensively with practical industry relevant capstone projects and case studies in Data Structures and Algorithms along with tools and skills that will match the market demand for your firm. Their grasp of the technology has been enhanced by structured and thorough training, which will help them to ace interviews in top industry firms.

Our Speciality

What we capture is the learner’s actual skill set and level their portfolios up through interactive gamification and thoroughly research curriculum to brush up their practical skills along with taking regular assessments and discussion panels to allow flow of communication and ideas. These help our learners stand out from the crowd.

Meet, Interview, HIRE our Learners

Build Your Dream Team Today!

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