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Corporate Training

This is for all professionals,

Get accustomed to the AI Probably training process of how we transform a learner to a Domain expert -

At AI Probably, we aim that you have the finest job results and skills to achieve your professional goals.

Methods we follow:

Step 1 -

Pre - Assessment : Our in-house assessment algorithms assess the learner’s current skills set and the knowledge gap in the learner, which helps the learner to choose from our range of curriculums. That way it gives them a head-start into which assigned skills better suit their current skill gap.

Step 2 -

Customized Learning Path: At AI Probably, we use a personalization algorithm which analyzes key data points and recommends a Customized learning path to a learner which includes in-depth attention to skills, tools, and techniques, that builds the learners’ overall portfolio.

Step 3 -

Expert Faculty Guidance: Our dedicated team of trainers come from various notable backgrounds along with years of experience from Top Companies, making them highly valued industry veterans. These groups of veterans train our learners on industry relevant practices, tools and technologies providing ultimate learning and career assistance.

Step 4 -

Gamification and Periodic Assessment: Our courses are designed with the latest cutting-edge technology like Gamification where the learners can learn while playing and solving problems at their own pace. Along with that, regular quizzes, assessments, and case studies with industry based capstone projects and case studies are presented to test proficiency to unlock a comprehensive learning experience.

We believe everyone comes from a different background with a unique style of learning, the reason for which our platform ensures self-paced, constructive learning.

What’s the wait for! Get your team trained for the latest and notable skills and make them shine in the industry and increase your overall company’s productivity. Mail us at to know more and our team will get back to you at the earliest!